Dr Goyal is a distinguished UK trained medical doctor with full GMC registration and aesthetic medical training from Harley Street, London. 
He has worked in the NHS for several years perfecting his medical expertise, practice, and safety. Patients can expect exemplary clinical and ethical standards coupled with a confident work ethic. 
“experience has taught me that it’s all too easy to focus on just the 
problem areas without due regard for what looks naturally youthful". A good aesthetic practitioner will use Botox® and dermal fillers safely and will not create an unnatural look. A great aesthetic doctor, on the other hand, will examine the face as a whole at every consultation and will ask themself “what more can I do to help my patient achieve their goals?” 
“as aesthetic doctors we must aim to turn back the clock, to take our 
clients back 10 years rather than to change them into someone different altogether. The greatest achievement is when, at the two weeks follow up, a client reports that their friends comment on how good they look without being able to work out why” 
Dr Goyal is passionate about attaining the most exquisite, natural, and beautiful results for every individual, balancing artistry, meticulous attention to detail, extraordinary care, and safety. Always a doctor first with the very best interests of his patients in mind. 
What Our Clients Say... 
"I like to know all the facts before any treatment. Dr Goyal gave me all the information and answered all of my questions so I could make a concise decision and I definately didn't regret it. I feel like a more confident 50 year old now. People say I look younger and fresher but still me"  
E van Vuuren. Windsor 
"I felt I was in safe hands. Dr Goyal was very honest about the different options for me, how it was gonna feel, what kind of results I could expect, the risks and benefits. I'm very happy with the results. My advice is choose someone credible and don't be afraid do to it" 
S Jones. London  
I delayed having my frown lines treated for about 5 years because I was worried about needles and venturing into the unknown. The procedure was actually quite relaxing and the results are fantastic. I wish I had them injected earlier. I would highly recommend Dr Goyal.  
D Patel. Ascot 
"i'm really really pleased. This is the third time back to Windsor Medical. The first time I had this treatment done I was so thrilled because my forehead lines had completely disappeared. I felt 100% confident that Dr Goyal had the right experience and knowledge to do the job properly" 
SJ Dyke. Winchester  



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