Botox® (Botulinum Toxin) is the most popular anti-ageing treatment at our clinic. Over 1 million patients have used botox worldwide for to successfully treat facial lines, allowing the face to appear younger with smoother skin without affecting normal facial expression. 
The treatment is commonly administered by qualified aesthetic practitioners to help smooth away frown lines and reduce wrinkles around the forehead and eye area (crows feet). As a clinical anti-ageing treatment Botox injections are the most popular, non invasive anti-wrinkle beauty enhancements available. 
How does Botox work? 
Tiny quantities of Botulinum Toxin are injected into specific facial muscles allowing them to relax (or freeze). After treatment, the overlying skin remains smooth and unwrinkled, while the untreated facial muscles move in a normal fashion so facial expressions are minimally affected. Botulinum Toxin is frequently used as a preventative treatment, to start before lines become too deep. 
We only use genuine Botox to ensure the very best results possible. The dose is carefully calculated according to need and to make sure that the results are exactly right for your face. Nothing is diluted, everything is administered at the correct concentration. Everyone is different and therefore everyone is treated as an individual. Review appointments are offered to all of our clients with complimentary top ups if required. There are no hidden charges. 
What are the side effects? 
The vast majority of patients experience no side-effects whatsoever. Occasionally, a small bruise at the injection site may occur which will disappear after a few days. In rare cases a reversible condition known as ptosis, heaviness of the eyelids, may occur due to the technique being inexpertly administered. Proper regard to dosages and location of injection in susceptible muscle patterns should avoid this condition. 
Provided that Botox® injections are administered by an experienced practitioner with medical training, there are no serious risks. 
What if i’m pregnant or breast feeding? 
Although over 20 years of research has not shown any risk to the developing foetus caused by exposure to Botox® used in the way, in the interests of good medical practice we advise that injections are best avoided in pregnant or breastfeeding women. 
How long does BOTOX last? 
The procedure takes about 15-20 minutes after which most normal activities can resume immediately. We prefer to be safe and precise rather than fast. 
You will begin to see noticeable effects within two or three days. Two weeks after the initial treatment the beneficial effects become really clear. These effects are completely reversible and last from 3 to 6 months at which time they will gradually fade. Most clients return before the effect wears off completely to sustain the optimal effect for the longest period of time. 
Typical treatment involves 3 sessions in the first year and then 2–3 times in the second year. 
Is Botox painful? 
Botox injections are relatively pain free and over within in a matter of seconds. For extra reassurance we only use very high quality equipment and change our syringes after every injection to improve client comfort. Although this treatment is not generally considered to merit the use of a topical or local anaesthetic, clients may opt for this if they wish. 
Where else can Botox be used? 
Botox® can be used where muscular activity causes an undesirable pull on the skin on the face or neck. Good examples of these are the ‘bunny’ lines on the nose, vertical lip lines around the mouth “smokers lines”, puckering of the chin caused by activity of the mentalis muscle and the platysmal bands in the neck – the Nefertiti lift. 
Botox® is extremely effective in treating local hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Treatment of the underarm area will reduce sweating by more than 85% and lasts between 4 and 12 months. 
Careful administration of Botox® can lift the corners of the mouth so turning a “sad” into a “happy” mouth. 
BOTOX® is a registered trade mark of Allergan Inc. 



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